Only 0.7 milliseconds for 1000 instructions

® Free programmable hardware

 - PLC F269 & software

 - Extension node

 - In/Out A-D card

 - Keyboard Interface

 - Fiber optic extension

 - Pad switches board

 - Static relay

   Cost effective maximum flexibility

  Friendly programming, AWL language

  Status of the art for extension capability

Up to 128 I/O modules

Free software included

40Mhz R.I.S.K. core

 - Plc EDS2003 & software

 - Safety Card


 PLC_F269 technical data:

 Maximum writable instructions :
> 10.000
 Programmable language:
AWL (with ASSEMBLY includable functions)
 Data memory:
8 Kbytes RAM dynamic
 Program memory:
64 Kbytes Flash
 Process speed:
< 0.15 microseconds per instruction
RS232 , 485,  ETHERNET
2 CAN-OPEN ports
R.I.S.K. 40 Mhz
 Power supply:
24 Vcc
 Inputs/outputs on the card:
8 Inputs – 8 outputs
Up to 128 I/O nodes
270x130x60 mm

® Human machine interface

® In process controls

® Machine periphery

® Accessories




Added to PLCF269

- preserve data into RAM memory  for 18  

  mounts without power supply.

- standard AA rechargeable battery

- charge level control bit





Up to 5 extensions




Up to 128 extensions nodes

in CAN-OPEN field bus by using





Friendly to use

AWL language

Assembly function includable

Microsoft® compatible


Minimum Hardware required:


  64 MB RAM

  O/S  WIN98/2000/XP 


Download software PLC_C167