Free programmable hardware

 - PLC F269 & software

 - Extension node

 - In/Out A-D card

 - Keyboard Interface

 - Fiber optic extension

 - Pad switches board

 - Static relay

 - Plc EDS2003 & software

 - Safety Card


Human machine interface

  Max cost effective

  Very easy to program

  User friendly for simple application

 Download software PLC_EDS2003


Free software included

Integrated control panel interface

In process controls

Machine periphery


 PLC_EDS2003 technical data:
 Maximum instructions: 1000
 Elaboration speed: < 4 microsecond per instruction
 Power supply:  24 V.c.c. o 19  V. a.c.
 Inputs: 16 Idigital (3 assigned to the frontal panel)


16 Out:

10NPN (Imax 1A) 4PNP(Imax 60mA) 2 a Relay (NC o NO)

 Programming language: lateral
 Extension module: not admitted
 Dimension: 160x160x50 mm