VBTR2 is a sinusoidal wave generator for vibration periphery management

Free programmable hardware

Human Machine Interface

In process controls

Machine periphery

- Vibration management  card

- Feeding system management

- Control cabinet


Maximum flexibility

Cost effective

No lagging phase

Zero phase shutter noise  

Friendly use

Power supply frequency change immunity

Over heat, over current and short circuit detection

Feedback control

Analog input power regulation


VBTR2 technical data:

92x230x250 (LxhxP)
3 Kg
Power supply
Normal input tension:
2x 200240 Vac
Input frequency:
4565 Hz
Condenser decharging time:
30 sec.
N.1 start vibration input
N.1 start auxiliary relay input
N.1 Alarm output
N.1 Auxiliary relay output
N.1 input 
N.1 output
Auxiliary I/O power supply:                                   24 Vcc   0.5 A
Set-up data
Output frequency / resolution:
40250 Hz / 0.1m sec
Progressive running ramp / resolution:
0255 / 0.1m sec
Waiting start time / resolution
0255 /0.1 sec
Waiting stop time / resolution
0255 /0.1 sec
Auxiliary relay waiting start time / resolution
0255 /0.1 sec
Auxiliary relay waiting stop time / resolution
0255 /0.1 sec
Units number set-up by SINC_RS

VBTR2   can be divided in function block:

POWER SUPPLY   translate the input tension from AC to DC; equipped by a line filter and DC filter for reduce all noise made by the high coil absorption.

POWER CHECK  for coil tension.

FEEDBACK CONTROL, check the vibration difference from the real vibration curve and the theory vibration curve by an accelerometer, and make the correction to fix the real curve like theory curve.

CONTROL UNIT, display management, switches, digital inputs and outputs.

PANEL INTERFACE for set-up and fix-up working parameters.

AUXILIARY POWER SUPPLY  generate low tension 24Vcc, to supply electro valves and sensors.

ANALOG INPUT POWER REGULATION; can manage the vibration power by an external analog signal ,potentiometer. If this function is in use, the feedback control unit is automatically switched off.