production equipment

global management



HMI Maker crea.i.2

RLM Remote link manager

STAT Statistic manager

Free programmable hardware

Human Machine Interface

 - HMI maker 'crea_i_2'


 - RLM Remote link manager

 - STAT Statistic manager

In process controls
Machine periphery


  Friendly use

  Linux based

  License free *

  Remote diagnostics

  Total PLC compliance:

      Siemens, Telemecanique, Omron, HCS, etc..)

  DAQ in process control management, pack



* Free downloadable software only for PLCF269 HCS link

  Multi level password management

  PDF Interactive manuals management

  High graphic definition

  Minimum hardware required

  Included tools: batch, statistic and set-up

      machine management

  One on-line assistance included

  Automatic statistic creation: real time,

      shift day, months and batch




HCS allows the creation of your own machine interface by a simple and intuitive tool, made in cooperation with Brescia university, faculty of engineering. Our mission is to make simple, clear and variegate the functions to approach the machine by  a friendly usable interface.

Make your interface in only 6 simple steps!


Minimum required system:

  "Celeron 600                    

   64 Mb RAM

  500 Mb free on the HD       

  O/S  Linux Red hat 9.0 


Download HMI MAKER