Free programmable hardware

Human Machine Interface

In process controls

- Characteristics

- Linear check

- Force / Weight check

- Fluidic check

- Accessories

- Application


  Certified system

  Easy to plug and play

  Low cost

  Free Software (linux based)

  Multi control from any single data source

  Multi channels reading

  Ongoing control visualization


  Visualized limits easy to read

  Complete statistics for post-production


  Minimum hardware required

  Hardware and software noise filters

  Easy to find and always available components

  On-line technical assistance

  Zero compliant in 10 ears


Machine periphery





Technical data:

 Programmed memory

64 kbytes

 Data memory: 8 kbytes
 Velocità di acquisizione: 1 ms (milliseconds)
 Connections: RS 232, RS485, ETHERNET. CAN-OPEN
 Power supply: 24 V c.c.


16 remote digital for PLC link

4  analogs direct on controller


16 remote digital for PLC link

4  digital direct on controller

 A/D convertion: 12 bit
 Dimension: 32x32x10 cm (box)  28x12x5 cm (controller)



DAQ allows to execute tests more rapidly and easier way, granting the control of each single components. The recorded data are showed on the graph, processed and organized in different statistics.



Curves file:  show singularly or overlapped historical curves

Results data file: show the list of historical data value stored for each check points




Last 10 rejects:  An histogram show the causes of the last 10 rejects.

                              The red tab identify the reject piece.



All results are represented by an histogram.


All check results can be copied on a USB stick memory for a post-production statistic by STAT software



All tolerance limits can be freely settled on quality control department requirements.